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Year One 2014-2015 Fiscal

To account for specific local conditions, specifically the current difficulty of reaching the relevant stakeholders on the continent, our planned rollout is envisaged in a number of phases as follows:
Phase 1
Durban international film festival announcement July 2014.
Phase 2
Activation conference "Heads of Industry" summit March 2015
Phase 3
Cannes international film festival activation May 2015.
Cannes, France
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Locations Africa 2015 Expo

The African Film & Services Expo


Sandton Convention Centre, Maude Street 2196

Sandton, South Africa


+27 79 495 9268

October, 2015

The Locations Africa Expo is a trade show dedicated to promoting inbound investment towards filming in Africa. LOCATIONS AFRICA is set to be the largest event of its kind anywhere in Africa – indeed the world - that showcases all of the continent’s premier filming and facilitation offerings. The show highlights the locations and services of film commissions and other film sector service providers from across the continent, and connects visitors with key industry decision makers – production service companies, Film sector organizations, independent finance companies, crew, talent and equipment companies. It enables filmmakers to source information, to unlock resources and to enhance research into filming in Africa, and to make the necessary connections to complete any project on location, anywhere on the continent.

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Locations Africa

Conference Programme October 2015.

  • The Opportunity +

    Why is the film industry so important? What are the economic, social and cultural impacts of a vibrant film sector Read More
  • How Do Productions Choose a Film Location? +

    From script to locations to budget to crew skills, we discuss the major elements that influence an international producers’ decisions Read More
  • On Location with: Disney's Avengers Age of Ultron +

    What was the process of bringing Age of Ultron to Johannesburg? How did Disney determine that Joburg was a potential Read More
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Association of African Film Commissions


About the AAFC

non-profit association

is a non-profit association that supports and promotes the development of the film industry and culture of Africa

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AAFC Membership

National members

This category is for members who are the official, mandated representatives of their country as a Film Commission, Film Office or Film Institute.

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Locations Africa Roll Out Our planned rollout is envisaged in a number of phases.

Announce DIFF July 2014

At DIFF 2014, we introduce the concepts of Service Production in the form of two general conferences available to participants.

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Activation Conference March 2015

The promotion of Africa as a destination for filmmakers presents clear benefits, including, but not limited to the increase in direct foreign investment, the increased opportunities for job creation and small business development, increased brand exposure and tourism promotion.

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Intl. Launch - Cannes May 2015

The Cannes Film Festival is the world’s premier international film industry event, incorporating not only the famous festival but also a film market, producer development activities and unparalleled networking opportunities.

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The African Film & Services Expo


African Stories DIFF Sidebar July 2015

This event runs as a sidebar activity at DIFF/DFM; this concept is still under development. Open sessions on the trends and demands for African content.

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The Locations Africa Expo October 2015

LOCATIONS AFRICA is set to be the largest event of its kind anywhere in Africa – indeed the world - that showcases all of the continent’s premier filming and facilitation offerings.

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