The African Film Commissions Network - AFCNet is a network of Film Commissions, offices and desks across the Africa continent bringing together ideas and though leadership in the area of Film facilitation and creating legislative enabling environments for film production to function. The Network aims to promote cooperation and exchange of information between members and through the training programme Locations Africa has developed specifically for Film Commissions staff and support teams, it will build skills and capacity within public institutions throughout the Africa Community.  

Film Commissions training programme is a 12 module programme that runs over 12 weeks given insight in the areas of:

  • Introduction to the Film Industry
  • About film commissions
  • Customers and stakeholder
  • Attitudes and aptitudes
  • Operations 
  • Research & databasing 
  • Governance 
  • Marketing 
  • Skills and capacity development 
  • Film incentives
  • Film tourism
  • Supporting local filmmakers

At the end of the modules, the student will receive a certificates of completion.

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